Mini Buses Seat Belts

Mini Buses Seat Belts

Seat Belts Services offer a wide range of services for the fitting of seat belts to the mini buses sector.

By now, most mini-buses have been fitted with seat belts. If they haven’t, then they are breaking the law if passengers are being transported in a vehicle that has none. We have a wide range of seat belts that can be suited to your needs and fitted to the current Department of transport specifications for mini-buses. Or perhaps you have suffered as a result of a bad installation, which has led to the rapid decline of your seat belts. If this is the case, it may not be necessary to replace them. We can provide a refurbishment service or modify the installation to operate effectively, to prevent wear and enhance the life of your seat belts. Once your seat belt insulation has been brought up to standard we can provide a frequency of safety checks to ensure the high standards set, are maintained.

This can all be done on site using our mobile fitting service.