Camper Van Seat Belts

Camper Van, Motor Homes Seatbelt Fitting 

If there are not enough seat belts  in the camper van or motor home for all the passengers, then some may legally travel in the rear of the vehicle without wearing a seat belt. But is this safe ?

No, even though its legal it is very highly recommended to only travel with as many passengers as there are available seatbelt’s. Even if the front seated passengers are wearing seatbelt  they are not safe unless the rear passengers are wearing seatbelt’s too as front seat occupants are killed every year by unbelted rear seat passengers flying forward in an accident.

SeatbeltServices can install seat belts in your camper van , giving you the ability to travel safe with more passengers. Even if there is no anchorage point in the vehicle we can design safety seat belts system using a Mobile Service.

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